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Friday, 9 November 2012

Title: As close to you as far.

It's the lack of interaction, from you
I crave a distraction to find you out here in the night
and I create a calling sound to try and get you to come a little closer to me
it's the lack of common interests
that subtly drags you away from my sight
and am I anything you wanted? not one bit, not one bit, not one bit

it's the way you look tonight
almost cold and distant from surrounding eyes
and it's that look I crave to taste from you
and it will never be mine

Chorus: To be considered the right amount of good enough
to be looked at beyond my skin and bones
and I wish it could be this way, forever
and I wish you could love me a bit better than you could
always a bit better than you could have done
if you noticed me and that's all I wanted

I roam endlessly to be far nearer to you
but apart the distance extends us
and I am thirsty for your hand to be placed in line with mine
and it's the lack of time we always have
it will never be mine


ending: it's the sharp words that I'll never hear
it's your limp touch that I'll never feel
and it will never be mine, and it will never be mine

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