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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: remains

Dragging out last hope
as if it were a drug
except this dose I've been given
doesn't numb me enough..
(I'm waiting, waiting)

Lingered thoughts
 I see them through your skull,
they're wrapped up in your mind without any choice
I'll tag along, but it won't long till I'm gone...I'm gone...

chorus : remains of you,
built up upon the side of me
a shadow of false lust...can't you see
can't you see...
I'm slowly spinning in and out of consciousness,
but all you see is love which hasn't properly been discussed...

Staggering on my way back to my house,
but you're not sat outside anymore,
I've left you too many times outside my door..
(don't come in...)

ending : Motionless, you move so suddenly
it daunts my mind and yet I can still breathe..
but not for long, you'll pull me out and in of your false pretentions

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