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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Title: Latched onto you

To be able and ready now
I carry my hope inside heavy kisses that linger in your humid breath
and it's love that hangs anchored on the creases of your eyes
and it's this moment, that's all mine

we make our decisions with the encounter of our lips
you cover me in soft sheets of patience
and you'll never depart, because you know what it feels like to be lost
in anothers mind but never in anothers heart

Chorus: I latch onto your gaze
with is layered in gold and silver
you throw your wishes to the wild
and you always wake up to find that you've surrendered
and I latch onto you
a process in which we've plenty of time to see
and it's the way your face curls so perfectly each time you're in my sight
and I latch onto you, bodies close, bones tight

and I've dreamt of bluer skies
we swim through lakes of emotions just to find another
and it's a love that's like a movement in the night
it startles my body, puts my brain into gear
and there's no need to want to be anywhere when I'm with you
there's no desire to leave your side


ending: do you really want to wake up to find
that you and I have surrendered
and to be able, to be ready now
catching kisses with stomachs churned tight
you stay buried in my touch and ever so still
and this is all I've ever dreamed of
this remorseful love is surreal to me now

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