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Friday, 9 November 2012

Title: Still, with a heavy heart

You said you'll get what you'll need and more
you evolved into nothing less than a figure I dreamed of
what are your intentions, what is it you really desire to do?
what are your intentions, what is it you really desire to do?

you said you'll never stumble away with your heart full of wishful thinking
and this is where you'll lose your balance, this is where I'll gain all control
and we shelter from piercing stories that we overhear with naive ears
and it seeps into our skin as we turn to another with that sudden glare of hope in our eyes
and we'll always rush into the day, where our intertwined hands only stop us in our way

Chorus: Do you thaw into the Winters delight?
tonight your eyes are mine, and mine only
they flicker and sway as I remain still
still with a heavy heart
and it's the sweeter submission that takes us into the throbbing dark

I languish for your skin upon mine
I hanker for your taste and breath within my dusty lungs
and it's the pungent love that caught us in the headlights
lets us soak in utter remorse and despair

I anticipate for you to wake me in the morning
before you've left my sheets empty and cold with your lingering scent
and your words remain like bullets in my brain
and it's you, it's you, it's you
still with a heavy heart


ending: you said you'll get what you need and more
you're fired up with dusky eyes
and it's the submission into the night
you remain still, still with a heavy heart

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