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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Title: Distant Slumber

I ache for you
in a distant slumber I awake for you
and to you I'm just a long lost body
for you to have never left
here we are staring each other down
waiting for this passion to bloom
these lips wait to taste your skin
just let my love lay you in awe
you've got to know that I adore you
baby this mind will always protect you
feel it all over, let it wash within

I bruise my skin for you to feel what I feel
to let you sink into my veins, to let you feel all that rules my body
and such beauty, such beauty in this disaster
the creators, yourself and I

chorus: and darling I ache for you
in a distant slumber I awake for you
for your bones to be close to mine
in daydreams I waste for you
and long gone memories break to make room for your smile

I let words break my skin
for tears I wear so thin
and it's all for you my darling
and I know you'll thank me one day for trying


ending: In a distant slumber I ache for you
in a nightmare I awake far from you
and it's all to be cared for by you, my love

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