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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Title: Convictions

darling, what have you done to yourself?
you've had many times to run
you've broken us, our intertwined bodies they come undone
and oh, I've never loved the look in your eyes until now
when you're weak and your smile is fading
and after all you will and have put me through
this one's for you

don't call me, it's not enough
and you were the one who told me not to be so foolish
yet here we are in the outskirts of the forgotten lovers
embracing what's yet to come
and this one's for you, darling
what have you done?

Chorus: be sincere or be cynical to me
and you'll lose what you've done for me
and my eyes are on you, especially
look at what you've done for me
there's nothing to show
nothing to show
this is the effect of broken promises
a lifetime of worry drawn from my eyes to my knees
and I'll beg I'll beg I'll beg for you to return
and to be sincere

dragged away by hands of those who made it
locked under caressed movement from your body
you'll arguably love me nonetheless
just for tonight
just because you need me


ending: you don't do it,
you just do it to yourself
for your  mind to be cleared of panic
for your other half to be drowned in relief
you're not made of anything more than I am, darling
your depths as shallow as your ability to cope

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