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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: Steal me

You come in like the rain
you go slow like the tension before the storm
and I'm still in love with your face
your eyes which sail to the middle of the sea

and you're deeper than anything I've ever seen
and I will remember you
with the cold nights the lonely thing we'd ever share
would you be there?

Chorus: and what I saw could never be true
the ideology of me with the inner you
and I said, I'd steal you away
for a moment of dignity with the lack of familiar faces
and the next time I steal you away
will be the time I keep you darling
the day you stay and we remain

there was a change in the way you breathe
I didn't want you to change for me
I hear the sound of anchored sighs
but you're intoxicated, it layers your lungs in doubtful dusts of previous lovers


ending: and the next time
if there ever would be
the cold nights we could share
would you be there?
to steal me away

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