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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Title: For (you) nobody

It's easy to fall, it's easy to fall fall fall
into you, your arms, your eyes, your touch
an abundance of long lost warmth, with you
you knew I was slowly diving for you
and I'll be here, waiting, until I'm old and used
a different shade of blue

and you'll shoot me down with words as delicate as cold
and I'll lace your kisses in ribbons growing gold, from your veins it glows
you're disappointed now, afraid of any outcomes that will prevent you thriving
and with your hand, firmly placed on my hips
we began to start a better day together
and we'll stray far from bitter nights

Chorus: and I can take on it all,
I can evolve into something better, for you, for you
I can try my best, to be the better person, for you, for you, for you
every little change I make, every rule that I break it's all for you
but you're too ashamed to be aware
do you even do you even, know that I'm there?

by your side,
I wear my shades of sighs
and I waste inside at the thought of departure, here
the thought of departure, from you, from you

this is for nobody,
I have nobody, but you
but you don't matter
and sweetheart, what have you done?
darling, why did you run so far away from me?
when I keep you buried in my mind at home
where you'll stray far from danger
and I'll protect you, in your darkest hours
for you, for you, for you


ending: darling, when will you
darling, when will you ever understand?
what it takes to be a man
and my love, don't call me your own
it's not it's not enough
it's not a name I condone

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