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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Title: Inevitable

Blinded by the fright in your headlights
your eyes say so much more than your lips may ever need to move
you breathe me in like a better loved substance
I'm tired of emptiness in your smile
and nights in cold sheets, alone
I'm exhausted of your everlasting glow

this is the life that I came for,
my body sways to the movement but it's not for you
and this is the moment you think you waited for
but you're unaware of lust surrounding you
I'm full of raised hands doubting my minds success
my eyes lock in on you and you're in my gaze
this second feels like an hour and away we are

Chorus: where am I,
dissolved into your veins,
the feeling you've prayed for
I've become an addiction to your bloodstream, unused
separating what you've always wanted to feel but never understood
encouraging ungiven kisses in the pattern of dawns embrace
and I sink into your bite
too many nights I've spent covered in exhausted sheets that lay my seeping heart to rest

and it's you,
elegantly oblivious to my intentions
and I'd be the one to say that I'm good
but I'm never enough for the winner in you
and it's irresponsible, I'm written off in a hesitant haze


ending: and it's in the crease of your smile,
the whites in your eyes tell me everything I'd ever need to know
I'm not the one who's afraid to say it
absorb me, embrace me, pace yourself in me
and I'll hear your whisper, I'll hear your whining

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