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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: hunt this down

The space between us is like a protest,
I won’t win until the other side rests
You’re constantly on your toes,
And it’s a shame you’re still the same
Yet so different to whom you were,
Not long ago

When I’m with them
I think of you
You’ll learn, in turn
To think of me
But I’m scared, so scared
This won’t progress naturally

Chorus: I don’t wanna be despised no more,
I don’t want to be chased, because my mind isn’t free
My dreams are all there, but trapped so tightly
My heart, oh my heart, it’s so sore
From all this hatred my mind harbours

Swim to me,
I’ll be the bay you’ll drag your body to,
I’m not confused anymore,
But I’m no longer sure as to what to do…


Ending: Nobody can hunt this down,
You and me,
It’s all I had visions of,
Reality it’s more surreal at times then we dream

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