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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Title: Away for far too long

I'd wish you were the one, if not you are my placebo
and we'll travel through the nights until we find the sun
and do things we know you'd like
and I think I'm in love again
imaginary encounters layered in dreamy sheets
and if we happen to depart, we both know we'd despise that
but we could become metaphorical
you and I are beyond this, for a reason

and I insist you come over
when my eyes speak of darkness
but my body sways with light
and it's for you, my shameful situation
and it's for you, my foolish patience

Chorus: And you've been away from me too long
far too long
I don't need to listen to what they say no more
and I just never seem to care
and this world isn't big enough to drag me away from you, all from you
and this is for you, my home
this is for you, my drifting happiness

it's inside your bedroom eyes
you've found warmth in my one night bed
sunset fool my eyes, and it turns you on
you run and collide with my bare body
and you've been gone from me too long
and this feeling has never been in an abundance
and this feeling has never left me at all


ending: and you've been away from me for too long
your body now a summoned stranger to a bed that was once so warm
and it's the stormy weather that awakes me from my slumber
and it's the nights your bodies away from me that make me wonder
and is it all for you? of course it is, and you know it now darling

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