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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Title: Home (you) in my mind

I swear I've never witnessed something so fine
within the grains of ambition, you're all mine
you sleep softly in my dreaming days
and wherever I am, I'm thinking of you
wondering if we'll ever be together, as one
I'm eroded by previous tongues and their empty promises
but it's you I long for
it's you who I wake up longing to see
it's you who delivers wisdom through passionate hoping hands

it's deposited in the curves of your smile
lust is sewn into the pupils of your eyes
and allure is the oldest enemy of mine
and I hope we'd get anything better than this
and I know you're trouble

Chorus: take from me what you think you deserve
give me sweet loving hands
and I'll never accept anything less than the satisfaction in the light
when I see you for who you are
when your eyes burn bright with carelessness
yet I'm all you cared about

you say you've got that loving arm
and I haven't seen you lately
where have you been hiding?
in the corners of my mind


ending: and you should come round later, if you're free my baby
drown me in whispered pretense
that scatter your unintentional emotions

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