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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: consistent pretense

alliteration is no replacement for substance
being someone else wont make you feel better
 being with someone who is trying to make something of something that isn’t
will never fill the space
Where you once belonged
You once belonged…

Pretentious People, oh we are
Pretentious people, getting far

Chorus: It’s a little late,
To change your ways,
To follow the track
That you once laid
You laid your body down to rest
Don’t be shy, we all progress…

Follow the crowd, they’ll follow you
Pretentious and proud
You’re brand new…
You’re brand new…

And I for one, am not afraid
To be the person I portray
Make what you want of it


Ending : It’s a little late to change your ways,
You’re laid down and it’s not the same
Your body doesn’t rest no more.

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