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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: Always like this

It’s always been like this,
you open up the door
and hit a sip or two
it’s always been like this
you can't help but drink like you do
and you're
stuck inside a cycle
full of vicious despair
stuck in a cycle where your
heart won't care

So you numb the pain
whilst you watch the rain fall down
your window panes
you're watching faces past by
and you're wondering
how you have become who you are,
through all this nightmare
and you’ll
stay there, till the morning
because tonight you don't care

You're holding on for something new,
but every time you find it, you
throw it away just like a vodka shot
tears like vodka hitting your throat again
every night with you is the same

So lock the drinks up, away with all your fears
you can’t keep hiding from the real, tears
you, hold on for a miracle, you give up when you’re so near
you can’t stay any longer, now your numbness is all you feel

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