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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Title: Mine

Now there's a cold bite to our youthful breaths
we turn to another before we turn to mould
we're always rushing through the day
I don't need love, it gets in my way
but I need you, I need you, you
to feel anything other than the depths of disappointment

chorus: oh baby are you free now?
my nights are getting lonely
without your body next to mine
oh baby are you free now?
I need your presence with me
your silky skin is mine to touch and love
oh darling is it all for me?
how you hold yourself
how you sway so beautifully
when there's no one else

are you still waiting for the summer nights
where you never were alone
where you had someone at your side
are you still praying for the light now?
when you're swimming in the shadows
and you hold your head down low along with my kisses


and it's all for you
but you'll never realise
it's flickered on your eyes the love you want to feel
walls surround your mind
and I'm stood outside in the cold awaiting the meeting of our lips


ending: Oh baby are you mine now?
please do let me know
I've been away for a while and it's time to let you know
oh darling, I loved you, a thousand rainbows on my tongue
for you

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