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Friday, 9 November 2012

Title: Dirty hands

Your dusky eyes, they aren't enough
they set my soul to sleep
they awake my forbidden love for you
and it's just too much for you to see

your eyes they flicker with forgetfulness
and it's your awareness I long to believe
your bodies sunset it sets my mind on fire
with words that can do you right if you just wait and let it be

Chorus: and it's not enough
to tell me that you're there, for me
and it'll always be too much for you
to understand, to hold my hand, to let me be

your body sways in the cold winter air
I catch you as you fall to your knees
a well-needed rescue, a trigger to your minds creations
I'm all that'll I'll ever be
and it's not enough, and it's all too much for you to let me breathe

intoxicated by an unknown substance
transferred from the corners of your lips
I feel you in my veins, I feel blood within my pain
and it's all just a show for you to see


ending: you witness my flaws in return for a droplet of reality
a common error by my hands
the disaster loiters in every plan
and it's just the right amount of justice that I'll never see from your dirty hands
and the air you breathe is laced in rumours

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