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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Title: Eye see

When you close your eyes,
do you see dreams or nightmares?
When you look inside my eyes,
do you see monsters or fairytales?
is it hard to find,
something more than just lust?

oh when I look inside,
I see mess and destruction
oh what a fool,
a fool am I?
to be afraid
of passing time

It has been so long
but who am I to be shy
when you were the one
to took me by...a lie

Oh look at this,
what mess,
oh my,
to be faithful I
I, I

This is such a shame,
to be one of your lies,
but who am I to blame
my butterflies are your name
and they are writhing inside

Ignorance is bliss,
but then who am I to lie?
when your so afraid
you don't even want the time

but who am I
who am I
to blame
for my stories

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