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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Title: What you could do with, what I could do without.

it's hypnosis, the motion in the outline of your body
my mind sprawled in the feathers of your skin
it triggers my heart, my heart rate so rapid
and it's a thing for you
that I've never put into actions, but something I'll always have
and this is the end of you too
but you're not aware yet
and this is the end of you too
but you're not aware yet

it's the better part of you
that catches my mind through a sentimental trap
obstacles as wide as your emotions
have you ever felt what it's like?
to be alone but not so lonely

chorus: and it's the difference that divides you and I
we're just two atoms waiting to collide
and it's within the words you speak when you kiss my neck
and it's written in the shape of your pillow when you've had enough
but baby, it's all you've ever wanted
and all I could so happily do without

it's the side to you that nobody has ever seen
the steady flow of sadness leads me to lay where I'll never be
I slowly comfort you in words that hit your stomach when you've had a hard day
it's the gentle flow of toxicity and tranquility
all to soothe you


ending: and this is it
the never ending tales of you and me
it's the stories that drown my heart
and enable my mind to see

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