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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Title: Enough?

The day after us
I've been counting down all of your moments at best
I lost patience when I found myself lost inside of you
and like a constant crash
I freefall down to you
and it's a different vision
you give and give to me
nothing more than needed love

Each time our skin collides, I ask myself
I question my doubts
and am I good enough?
for your hands to hold?
for you to be mine and mine only

Chorus: To be yours and yours truly
will I ever love you enough?
am I loving you enough?
brushed into the corners of your eyes
you lack the decency to compromise
and it's dignified, all this combustion of emotion
all this twisted elegance sewn into your kisses
the ever so consistent need and craving to be on your mind
to feel anything and everything, at all
for you, now
falling, now

the day after us
the lingering scent of hope for second best
trapped inside the heated creases on your bed
I watch you lay awake
rewinding scripts that you'll never forget


ending: I wait
I fall, for now
I'm falling each day, in your presence

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