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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Title: Adequate

I'm surprised
it's in your eyes
everything that I needed to know

I think I know what's going on
what's on your mind
I've realised, I'm not adequate enough for you
I speak little words
your actions become a big divide

I'm waiting in the darkness of your mind
a small reminder

Chorus: even though you're the only one I feel
the only pain that's real to my cold heart
and this is the slowest love I've given
the weight of the world hangs heavy upon my sleeve
next to you, in dirty sheets I lie
take all that I have, take all that is mine
keep all this slow love
keep all that you're draining from me

don't take it back
all those unspoken words
those drunken movements
they meant everything to me
they were what you really wanted


ending: I'd give you the world
I'd give you all my time
and even though this is the only pain that my cold heart feels
it's enough for the two of us
it's adequate

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