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Monday, 25 February 2013

Title: Basking

I don't know what I want
I'm not aware whether it's you, is it you? is it you?

we could go far away
run further from our troubles that keep us at bay
I keep you close, I keep you closer now
I try to understand what you're after
through windows of doubt and devotion
to open arms I run

try me, give it all you have
ty me, give it all you have

Chorus: each time I'm there
I connect with your eyes
but you'll never give a shit about me
but I lust after everything you say
and every single day
I feel a lack of worth
and I can't tell how you feel
and I can't tell what you've given me
but I know it's temporary

I run to you
join me for another night
I'll show you why you're staying
I run to you
you have me, you'll have me

you undress my skin
put my bones at ease
and I know you're good for me
I can sense it in every single way


ending: all my thoughts trail away
an essence of beauty lingers with your scent
and your unintentional plan of chaos
has us basking in all we have

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