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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Title: Remorse

Will you ever, will you ever
want me as much as I need you
I realise that I'm just a sight for sore eyes
but I could leave it all behind
I could take you with me
pack you tightly with the things I thought I wanted

you're a ship in many dreams
casting off previous lovers who were good enough
I'll make myself better
I'll cure all that is psychological

Chorus: you're my renegade
your movement so delicate yet so fast
a painting of pure beauty
and I blame you, I blame you
for this tide of emotion
the gravitational force crushing my bones
tapping my skin black and blue
and these are the secrets that I should have shared
to remind you

don't feel guilty
it's what you wanted
and I'm chained down
I'm tied down
I'm piercing my soul with the glass
my veins carry you
my veins guide you


ending: and I tremble
I should have opened up a long time ago
and I'm drowning in my own body
a mass in which I never owned

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