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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Title: Setting

Faster than the setting sun
my heart is calling after you
and to I'm never close when I have to run
my heart is always calling out to you

I haven't stopped smoking yet
to hold it in my hand
is the closer I am to breathing in you

Chorus: and faster than the setting sun
I run to you, I run away
the closer I get the further I have to go
and to you I run
I keep on running
my heart is forever calling out to you

you never sleep for various reasons
you're afraid to truly close your eyes
I awake to find you in doubt
scratching hope into the shadows of your mind

and I'm kissing you harder
with the storm that surrounds our heads
and it's for you that I want to understand


ending: and I'll run closer to you
but be the furthest distance from your skin
and it's my heart that is calling out to you
faster than the setting sun
embracing the short encounter of tomorrow

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