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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Title: Need/want

I need to know how it feels
I'm no longer afraid
all I fought for, falls away
and I take you deeper, deeper
into the depths of us

we're constantly in battles
body and mind linger as our intentions disappear
and we're constantly in battle
laid upon sheets of despair
and oh won't you ever feel what I feel?

Chorus: oh and will you ever reveal
just how much tolerance is required
to win you, I am a battle, won and lost
many times I've passed your body
but this love is slender
but not one I by any means regret

I swim through the thick of your veins
I feel the rhythm of your doubts, desired
and it's one of those situations in which I cannot sympathise
I lack devotion I lack the lust I lack the passion in your eyes

I substitute what I can't find
replace it with whatever warmth I can find
and I start again, start again, start again


ending: you speak for yourself
when you don't want anything more than what this is
and you speak for yourself
when you don't want this

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