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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Title: Nada

Hold ever so still
in your state of pure beauty
a delicate silky sight for my eyes
and here we go again
we'll carry on as friends

define us to me
and I'll take control
I'll take your trust
without compromise
to be next to you it's a must
there's not anything left
to drag down in the river with my body

Chorus: I'm inflicted by pangs of desirable doubts
and as if you should ever be worried
just one look at you and I know where I need to be
this is the forefront of our ever growing situation
your pace is subtle
your steps remain heavy
despair with the ground
you walk all over my body

and this makes it easier
knowing it won't ever be the same
I've seen that look in your eyes
you've already forgotten my name
I crawl into you
I confide in your touch
and this makes it easier
in some form
to be nothing
to be nothing to you


ending: and it's in our plans
I'm ever so sorry for the delay
ever so sorry not sorry to have treated you this way
now you feel the stable stabbing of this lust
you remain effortlessly fragile
steadily moving forwards
looking for disaster

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