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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Title: Fill the void of my mind

Your lips are the best way to fill this void
evergrowing, everlasting
the need for you

your voice caresses my skin
as if petals fall in preparation for spring
and it's ever growing, everlasting
the need for you

Chorus: And when I'm by your side
I'm no longer, no longer lonely
and it won't be long until you realise
everything is in its right place
undeniable love crosses the palette of my mind
and I speak of art
I speak of you, pure beauty

after all that we've been through
your lips are the perfect heat for my icy words
and every night I melt, melt, melt into your body

and be careful what you say next
don't let your mind defeat this scene of tranquility
and what you've needed to say for months
I note it down
paper as my skin, you the writer
creation in the form of disaster
illusions of purity, stretching further


ending: after everything
your lips are the best thing
you are the best thing
to fill this evergrowing, everlasting, void

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