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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Title: Give

Every night I ask myself
am I giving you enough?
am I giving myself up?
I often lie awake this way
marinated in lies and constant shame
and it's all
for you

you don't even know it yet
you don't even want me yet
and I doubt you ever will long after my body
as much as I long after yours

Chorus: I work so hard, ever so hard
just to be in your vision
and it's hard when I'm just an illusion
I crash so hard in front of you
and I trigger a deep fall for your eyes
and you gave and gave until you gave me up

every time I feel this way
I never know how much
I never felt this common love
and I've prayed so hard for now


you do what you want to
and your worries sail slowly behind your shadow
I linger under your wing
and every night I ask myself


ending: am I giving you up?
am I loving you enough?
am I giving, giving all I can give to you?

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