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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Title: Unrequited

Once more it's happening
my need for you is unrequited
all my love for you is simmering by your constant ignorance
you are the salt to my wounds
and I know this all too well
when once again it's happening

I've been waiting for you
to belong, to belong to me
some of my friends say I'm silly to wait
but I know you still own my heart

Chorus: If you go away
I can no longer be free
no longer believe in love anymore
and if you ever were to leave
which darling I hope not
you might as well take the sun away
for darkness would seep into my every pore

it's all because you told me so
and it's all because you let me down
when you walk into the room I no longer
I no longer feel alone

and I will stay with you
the depths of my blood which carry you and I
the vessel of hope which soothes my worried mind


ending: just for you
I'd give up all I have
for this unrequited love
to be noticed

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