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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Title: Ever speak

you speak no words
but your mouth moves towards me
closer you hang your bones
but its your soul that proves me
and your slender touch hangs on my eyes
you crawl back into sight
and you never thought this could happen
everything feels so right
even though you never said anything

 actions speak louder than words
that's what fools say
I'm a constant disappointment
to all your patience and un-affectionate displays
and I thought you'd never, never, never
give this up, turn me in

Chorus: and here I am
in your hands, in your veins
I spread like wildfire
you pull me in
turn my tide
and won't you come any closer?

I've only ever dreamt of perfection
and in those dreams you're never present
you're always pushed into the sidelines
and I'm more alive than I've ever been
you've chosen me and I've chosen you
but will you ever have a say?
will you ever save me from my mind?


if you never hold me underwater
the sins can never be washed away
gravitational pulls rip my body
I drift away from you but still remain ever so tight


ending: and will you every have a say?
will you ever save me from my mind?

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