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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Title: Layer

It's a matter of time before you're all here
it's a matter of time before I get there
and the moments between us
cause the need for something more
cause the need for the separation of sanity and expectations

what will it take to get inside your mind
and I'm layered in nights of neverending false hope
and none the less
this is the end which has come too soon

Chorus: every last piece of me
is stretching further reaching evermore
I coat my skin in lost love
and I find myself marinated inside you
and I'm layered in nights of never-ending mess
you're by far the sweetest regret that I taste on my tongue
yet every last piece of me is wanting you
needing you, hoping for the core

I wonder how much warmth comes across
is there enough to carry us?
through rocky seas I'm wishing upon
through buried bodies I want more for the both of us

I won't learn, I won't love
it's far too soon
but you're remorseful
and we unfold into another
tied into unspoken emotions


ending: I'm stray to you
but I can never imagine the days without you
and it suits best, for you to stay

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