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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Title: to be lonely

I'm grasping onto any last chance for hope
I'm beating myself out of the darkness now
I'm holding onto your fingertips and every touch is much colder
and I know you better than I ever have before

you show me what it feels like to let this go
to feel lost and it's going to be better
when I let you know
I've been holding back words and emotions
sacrifice I made so it's your hands I can hold

Chorus: When we're alone
it could be better
and it's just us
we know how to be lonely, lost, forgotten
I'd take back half of my heart to be better
I pierce my skins with shades of light to be brighter
to be noticeable to you

unaware of the satisfaction that lingers in your every sway
it's you that keeps the fear of mine at each and every bay
and anything could happen now
but we're far too out of depth to fall into another once more
and for you I am falling, falling, falling ever more

my heart binds and shatters
this feeling doesn't go away
I wanted you a thousand miles closer
but I'm held into the flourish of hope
outlived by the demons my mind's so oftenly sunk into


ending: and I'm trying
god knows I'm trying for you

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