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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Title: Scar

I will scar myself
I will show myself
I will prove to you
I will cut this thick skin
I will show myself
how cruel I can be
how much pain I can take to be closer

I'll unpack myself for your ease
and you know how all my emotions
the need for change is so desirable now
and I was wearing my doubts
you're the best thing
the only one who wants me to change

Chorus: I'm wondering, I'm hoping
how long will it take
how cruel can you be
how much blood can I bleed?
just to feel better
I'm wondering, I'm hoping
how long will it take
to feel anything other than constant guilt

Constant comparison
leaves me sulking in many dark corridors
the weight of jealousy hangs tightly on my shoulders
it clings onto weakness, it clings onto me


ending: and I'm wondering
I'm hoping
how much pain will it take
how much blood can I bleed
just to be closer?

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