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Monday, 25 February 2013

Title: Surrended

Is this to you, my greatest skill?
the art of conversation but the lack of sitting still?
and oh I'd hold you in my arms for another day if I could
darling you know that already

and I look to you with such affection
I'm anxious as to how many ways I can find you over again
darling, hold me, hold me and never let me go
hands clasped, I love you so
and no one can take this away from me
I sew my sides up with good intentions
and for your lips to kiss mine
there is no better way for me to live by

Chorus: I have your undivided attention
I have been told and untold
I lack the understanding of your mind
but sweetheart, you know I understand your body
I'm all yours if you're all mine
I'd swim a thousand lies just to get to see your love again

I have to know who you are
what you are
you're my everything, everything to me
you lead a life of fulfillment
I lack the life of pure joy


ending: and to have you in my arms
and to hold you forever
in this moment it is ours
I'll be the sweet sweet surrender

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