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Friday, 22 February 2013

Title: Swaying silouhette

I grab onto you as fast I can
I hold you in personal proximity and as tight as I can
and you'll be the tears before bedtime
the consistent shadow lurking closely
you'll be the sweet taste my demons crave for

I won't let my dreams take you away from me
whatever we have now can't be broken
we're weaker than we'll ever be
prophecy of what could last
and what was it you were talking about?

Chorus:I was falling down, and by your body
you were following my only light
and  I'm taken by the night
your swaying silhouette
I wouldn't stop running after you
I wouldn't even stop for the bitter air
I couldn't hold back from you
I couldn't even stop my eyes that linger and stare

fragments of beauty
I couldn't be any happier
in all that is pretense
submission from me to you
I lay my bones down next to you
your warmth marinating all hope that's on my sleeve
your kisses of truth pressed against my heart now


ending: and you're in my eye of desire
you're always in moderation
hunger from my heart
and I'm trying to keep you at bay
but with everything that has yet to go wrong
I'm yet to work out why
your swaying silhouette
you calm my worries and sleep so softly next to me

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