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Monday, 25 February 2013

Title: Buried in silence

I know our love has gone stale
we've been in Winter for far too long
please don't give up on me yet
I will try my best to please you
and I won't let you through my hell when you're sober
I won't let you down through bitter words
I promise I'll stay with you in the open

I will try I will try to fix you
and when you lay your body down at night
who's the one, who's the one who makes you feel so right?
is it me, is it me, is it  me?
and as you bury your worries into the night
you sleep so soft with lips so rough
and as you lay your body down at night
I'm the one who's by your side
why's there a need to be second guessing

Chorus: And who would have thought
that I am the one who makes you who makes you who makes you
and who would have guessed
that the moments we spend together
are the best are the best, are the best
you do me so good
I do you so well
you're never wanting more, you're never wanting more
and oh what a dream to be in your arms tonight

I don't want to miss your voice, anymore
anymore than I already do
cluelessly pacing around the seafront
watching the tides, watching you get pulled away from me
no matter how hard I try to restrain my love
it's too much, it's too much for you


ending: and who would have guessed?
the moments I lay my head on your chest
are the best, are the best
you are the best thing, for me

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