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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Title: abundance (thoughts of you)

I'm fine for now
constant wrapping of my mind around you
and it's the consistent time I'm fooled by thoughts of you
and it took time to realise that you were the one
I've been hoping for, hoping for the shore

you cleanse my skin of doubts and fear
and there's time life for you and I
and I'm fine for now
my shadow hangs heavy
my heart a medal on your chest
and I don't need your permission
but please just understand

Chorus: I'm faltering
how do I help myself?
it's all or nothing, you never let me go
and you and I are wide eyed, altering
adapting to new love we thought we'd never feel
your hands are mine to hold, your hands are mine to hold
and it's victorious
these thoughts of you

there was a time where my identity was tied around who I thought I could be
and I'm fine for now
forever changing to keep your mind content and your heart beats heavy
the weight of your mind sewn tightly to my soul
and it's always alright
no need to be asking


ending: all I'm asking for
is not your permission
but please understand this
all that I'm feeling
I'm fine for now
trapped in the security of these thoughts
thoughts of you

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