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Monday, 25 February 2013

Title: Give it all

Love carried by arms of weakness
and oh never let me go, I told you
all that we have is hiding under layers of sacrificial beauty
and I'm left, bare, bare and undesirable

could I ever provide you with such consistency?
I've made enough enemies
and I'll go round in circles, pacing back and forth
until every scripted moment is back here with you

Chorus: I'm exhausted of never being a priority
I won't remember how many times I've been left
and I must forget now, forget you darling
and how many times must I regret 
all I wanted was you, the only exception
but this is just a slender song of exempt

we're immune to another
yet we're sick of the sight of our bodies
and all that love requires is a feeling we can't sympathise with
and oh I've lost you again
you're swimming in the dark depths of the end


ending: I could do all that's done
and would it all be wonderful?
I hold onto the hands of both of us
I gaze into the light of the night sky
and this body I own is no body of mine

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