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Friday, 1 February 2013

Title: + you

It's a long time since I've heard it all before
and am I what you're looking for?
forever seeking for what you'll never find
you're hiding in the dark, in the darkness of your mind

and without you, I'm getting on fine
but with you I'm forever improving
I long to better myself
I tune into you and you wear me down
I've got nothing to clarify with you
all I distract myself with, is everything I have lost

Chorus: it's in the way that you move
your eyes linger when you dance closer to me
I feel the heat rise in your veins as we're left tongue tied
and soon we'll be home and soon you'll no longer be alone
no need for you to turn off the light when I kiss each and every bruise

we've locked onto another
hips formed through shapeshifters
we've evolved into another
coldness leaves dark kisses
and I'm forever dark in your eyes


ending: without you, I'm getting on fine
but in your presence I'm forever improving

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