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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Title: Improve

I long to be the girl you want
I long to be the girl you need
and I crave to better myself
by better, to be with you

I'm constantly craving improvement
slow progress leaks from my core
I've given up too many times now
I've chased after your body for eternity

and I'm on my own
in this neverending world
and I'll wait until I'm new to you
until you ignore everyone else
and when we're alone, you're still yet to lay your eyes upon mine
and show me where I'm going wrong
when will I be enough for your hungry heart?

Chorus: And this is regressive
I'd give my time and my patience
to clear all my worries
and we're alone now
but you're yet to cease oblivion
and we're all alone now
so show me where I fit
lay me down on covers of adequacy

I can't recall a time I saw my own reflection
hideous, I fear what your mind follows
and what have I done to us?
darling, when will I be enough?


ending: please,
tell me where I went wrong
to better myself
I'd give all I have

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