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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Title: Never goes right, but it goes on

What do you mean, you're never coming back?
I let you go a thousand times in my mind but never spoke such words of undesirable beauty
my mind's left intoxicated by drinking a glass of you
I echo your name late at night and you're forever held up in your minds own traffic
and you're never around for it
this constant battle
of my heart for yours

whatever it is and however bad you want it
your body stops the movement
prevents you from grasping onto the light that's being offered on this occasion
and I don't understand
I'm completely unaware
I try so hard for you
I lie so hard for you
and it's this constant battle
my heart for yours

Chorus: It never goes right
but it goes on and on
craving some consistency
with your warm body by my side
is this all that we could ever be?
and you wouldn't ever know or care
I've been in the dark so long
and you're the fading light
standing bare in front of me

I know I should have let you go
but I could never ever let you know
take it back all those false words
the lack of opportunity lingers on my skin
and the scent of tomorrow tastes like you


ending: and this is the southern point
where you and I no longer unite
the departure is due
and we're still stood side by side
tearing flesh to be close to another
for just one moment more

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