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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Title: THE one

I've been tried and tested
better by you, born restless
you put me through more than I know I could ever take
and I'm better off all on my own
self pity, a companion I've grown

I'm not the one,
that could ever satisfy you
you wanted me all
but I gave you nothing
not anything close to warmth at all

Chorus: you did good, moving on
and knowing once, it wouldn't hurt me at all
and I'm not the one
who can give you what you need
who can make you feel worthy of such a devastating love

and not the one for you
not the one for anybody with any sense at all
and you question, my doubts, leave me cold and without
your love, all I wanted
was for you
to want me
to need me
to hold me tight to your chest


ending: and you know now
I was, I'll never be the one for you
my darling, it's the end
the departure that's been over due
not the one

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