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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Title: Expectance

I take form of the sky, when it's blue
I have depth of the ocean, too, for you
and I've waited for us for far too long
you've locked your sight on this
and you stay the night
and you stand in awe

the lights go out in my eyes
and you're home alone
I will be better for, better by you
the consequences of insanity
kissed and accepted as we pull closer now
tidal veins collide as we remain

Chorus: I've been expecting your company
in nothing other than my imagination
and in my soul we're very complete
yet lacking compatibility
and how long will it be, waiting on you
this burning passion grows so strong
it crawls through my body and anchors me down to you
and I can't take it anymore
lonely, in your arms

I'm too convinced to care
to ever be aware of what it is you're after
I never ask questions in which I don't want the answer
and I reach out and take it all in
overdose on you
and this is what we are
lovers in full pretense
kisses of emptiness


ending: and you keep it all wrapped up inside of you
and I'm unaware as to why
but I hide inside of you
I'm the doubt in the back of your mind
and you can't be acting, anymore

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