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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Title: Love, unlimited

I search for the sun in your eyes
and mostly, when I discover this true sensation
that's how I am
what I'll provide for you
will be love, unlimited

and if you want me, say it
the bitter delay from words that your mouth softly mimes
and it's wasting time
but what is time when there is a lack of clocks in our minds
and it's hard to stay, but with you
I'll provide
love, unlimited

Chorus: and you'll give me something
until there's nothing left of me
I'll evaporate into clouds of new beginnings
without you, I'll improve
but with you, I'm always better
you increase my intellect
through kisses of soft wisdom
and it's the breath that anchors me down
to this new found feeling
love, unlimited

you leave heavy scars caused by light hands
words caress my skin and seep into lost bones
and I've been wondering
what it is we've become
this newly adopted unison
you and I


ending: and what I'll provide for you
nothing less and nothing more than
love, love unlimited
as this new found feeling
for you to crave within every touch

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