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Friday, 21 December 2012

Title: Body book

I couldn't figure out how to think
until night came
and emotions flutter across
to form my every loss
but the gain within this
was never discovered
until you came in

you and your current
have me soaking in waves of lust
right into tomorrow's shore
you've got me marinating in consistent beauty
you're the provider
you're the prototype
for the improvement of desire

chorus: I read your body like a book
I kiss your lips like they're sugar coated sins
and I treat you like a natural disaster
skin on skin, skin on skin
how it's never been before
and it's all mine
the taste on my tongue stands bitter now
developed and introduced to thoughts of how
this has made us

ocean tides gravitate my body
the movement unconsidered by tired eyes
minds conducted by thoughtless whirlwinds
and it's everyday
progression; for you


ending: and I brush off this heat
and it lingers around my skin
forms a barrier for you to seep in
and your current had me tied down

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