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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Title: Closer

A flicker from your eyes
tells me all I need to know
to be aware of what it is you're hoping for
it's the sail of your voice from the bays in my mind
the tide that pulls you closer to me
that warmth I've forgotten to appreciate
and you're hoping for the shore
you're luring in my body

I wreck vessels to be closer to you
I wreck myself to be known to you
and you give me something that I couldn't quite compare to
the standards of this situation so developed
I'm oblivious to a sight that I'll never see
and it's a matter of perception, this daunting reflection
it concaves my lungs, fractured, unable to breathe through cleaner air
and it's you who kept me there

Chorus: truth is waiting to be found
and you've left this wound open for far too long now
you've created disaster through fingers of beauty
and I felt it, all for you
in this moment

I could see your face through the colours of dusk
and this sun hangs heavy on my eyes
reaching out for something to hold on to
I'd have such remorse, to have to let you go


ending: and I'd wreck myself
to be closer to you
to be closer

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