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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Title: Never know

I think of you every morning
I dream of you every night
and it feel so right, knowing you'll never be mine
to aspire for something that could never begin
oh precious you are, in my mind

and it's everything I'm not to do
I'm living in a daydream
layered in shame and full of foolish words I'll never mean
and it's said, I'm the person I'll never be
but you belong here, for me

Chorus: you never know
how slow the moments pass until I'm next to you
and it's the very thought of you
blossoming inside my soul
anchoring my body and my mind, until they are one
and you'll never know
the feeling inside my lungs so pure and blue

I hang a heavy heart
upon my heavy eyes
and it's all for you to see
to feel how I feel
emotions you've never lived by

you sharpen my breath
pain lingers in my gasp
you never fail to surprise me
by never being near to me


Ending: you'll never know
this sensation of longing and new
but the colour of us
in nothing more but a daydream
is so pure and so blue

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