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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Fooled, once more

Second best, never any priority
and I'll close my eyes for years until I feel your presence
my heavy vein flow beats rapid whenever your hand is mine to hold
I've fooled myself all over again
I've fooled myself once again

I fall in, I fall out, I fall with
I fall in, I fall out, I fall with you
you're unaware, oblivious, elusive, awake yet unaware
my aching heart pours with every word I say
and you'll take me home, tonight
I'm sure you know that
you say you'll take your time
but a promise is broken once more

Chorus: and don't you worry
I'll remain here forever waiting for you
blossoming like a wilting lover
fading through shades of blue
when will you realise that it's here that I lie
my body restless it attaches to you

it's somewhat quizzical
how you're here when I don't need you
but when I want you you're out of sight
it's in my mind I wander through past interactions
hoping it'll never be us


ending: I'll stay here with you
second best, never any priority
I've fooled myself once again
you remain elusive and awake
I remain restless and still

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