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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Title: Feeling gone

The feeling has gone
we waited for this for far too long
but if you just stay tonight
we can find someone

we carry on from where we started
begin from where we departed
and we carry on from nowhere
because we never even began

Chorus: and the feeling has gone
behind dirty eyes we'll have each other
we'll find something we can't ignore
but the feeling has gone
and we're running on empty vapours
filled with hope for tonight
skin to skin
bone to bone
we carry on

you run through my veins
control my movement
I sway my bones to be resistable to you
and it's you
it always comes back to
and it's you
the feelings return for


ending: and we pick up from where we left of
barely anything
and these wounds that you pick leave me sober sore
the feeling has gone
but for your eyes it'll always return again some day

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