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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Title: LLD

there is warmth in you
locked down by previous encounters
they lead you into dark nights
where you're lost in sadness

there is love inside of your body
it sweeps through brittle bones and sways you
the movement within your mind seeps through your skin
glows brighter than any light that's burnt out
it singes through your veins and causes beautiful distractions
to anybody who knows nobody
they'd think you're alive now

Chorus: It's love locked down
trapped within a cage of fighting desires
it's soaking your every breath
the sigh which wastes your being
and there is warmth somewhere
I can feel it from the impression that you're giving

you press down on me
full weight handed over
I can barely shrug my shoulders
but to your delight you're relieved now
and I could do it over and over again
until I see your eyes open lightly


ending: It's the warmth in you
soaking in sighs which waste your being
but it's this love locked down
trapped in books with no content
but I know it's in you
love locked down

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