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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Title: After you

When you stay
I see through you
and it won't be long
until you're nobody

I inhale vapours of you
drench my skin in lust
after you

Chorus: I'm leaving, soulcatcher
I hide away in creases of disaster
and I'm still longing, longing, longing after you
it's the way you look at me
it's how you think of me
and now we are
and you'll lay me down
lay down everything
and we'll never turn cold

after you
I will be
your tragedy
your tired thread to keep
the regret of holding on

the sky caresses my bones
and you lay me down
you lay down everything
and we grow old
intertwined in such a beautiful creation
in which disaster takes its form


ending: and after you
I'll be longing, longing, longing
after you

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